Vitamin D Explored

January 14, 2019

Perched in the middle of winter should we be thinking about our vitamin D levels?

Vitamin D is created when sunlight touches the skin and is often referred to as ‘the sunshine vitamin’. The positive effects of this vitamin on healthy bones have long been recognised but what is now becoming apparent are the many other ways it supports good health.

Unfortunately, modern lifestyles mean that, for many, levels of this vital nutrient within the body have dramatically dropped and Public Health England now recommend everyone in the UK take vitamin D supplements in the autumn and winter. But as always it is complex and supplementing should be done under the guidance of a qualified nutritional therapist as there are many factors to consider and for some people it is not only for the winter months.

Key roles of vitamin D:

☀️Essential for maintaining healthy bones.
☀️May aid weight management.
☀️Deficiency is now being recognised as an important risk factor for heart disease and cardiovascular health.
☀️Protective effects against cancer.
☀️Adequate levels are vital for immune function.
☀️Low vitamin D status is now widely considered to be a risk factor in the development of autoimmune disease.
☀️Boosts brain function.

Sunlight on the skin is the best way to obtain vitamin D and we should all aim to have at least 30 minutes in direct sunlight every day without sun cream. Vitamin D is found naturally in very few foods, the best dietary sources are:

👉🏼Wild salmon
👉🏼Fortified foods

As a nutritional therapist, I always suggest testing before any supplement plan begins to establish base levels and to inform dose and duration. Vitamin D toxicity, although rare, does need to be considered.

Vitamin D is best supplemented as D3 (Cholecalciferol) and growing evidence suggests that vitamin D and K work synergistically and should be supplemented together.

With so much to consider why leave it to chance? If you are concerned about your vitamin D status or any aspect of your health then why not invest in you this winter and book a consultation with a nutritional therapist for a full health review.

Be kind to yourself 💜

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