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Free Discovery Call

Great news that you are pursuing Nutritional Therapy for your health goals.
If you would like to work with me I can offer you a FREE 15 minute discovery call to start the ball rolling.
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Free Discovery Call

Initial Wellness Consultation – £150

All new clients begin with a detailed case review and initial consultation which typically takes 60-75 minutes including:
  • Thorough medical and health review
  • Analysis of existing diet, medications + nutritional supplements
  • Assessment of any current + relevant test results
  • Preliminary nutritional advice to follow based on case review
  • Identification of appropriate functional tests
  • Research & preparation of a personalised wellness plan

Following the consultation, I will reflect, research and create a personalised wellness plan designed to support you and your specific goals. This written report will detail your bespoke food plan, recipe suggestions, lifestyle advice and any recommended supplements. All targeted to your individual needs and designed to give you a clearer understanding of how specific nutrients relate to you and your health.

Follow Up Consultation – £80

Follow up consultations are used to check progress and adapt your wellness plan where needed.  Please note that the number of follow ups required will depend on individual circumstance and case complexity.  Follow up consultations typically last 30-45 mins and include:
  • Review of progress + wellness plan effectiveness
  • Explanation of any test results and relevance to health goals
  • Research and preparation of updated wellness plan
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Nutritional Therapy Coaching Packages

For more consistent support I recommend my coaching packages which include more contact time between sessions.
Through my clinical experience, I have noticed the need for regular check-ins in order to support clients fully and for the best outcomes.

Love Nutrition Package

- Six Weeks -


Includes: 1x initial consultation + 1x follow up consultation (6 weeks later) + 1x 20 minute telephone support call


The Vitality Package

– Twelve Weeks –


Invest in you.
Designed to initiate lasting change and to improve well-being and overall vitality.
Includes: 1x initial consultation + 3x follow up consultations at 4 week intervals + 2x 20 minute telephone support calls with food diary feedback + e-mail support


The Harmony Package

– 6 Months –


Invest in you.
Ideally suited to anyone who has a more complex health story or those wanting some ongoing accountability and health coaching to help make diet and lifestyle changes become solid long-term habits that fit in harmony with you and your life.
Includes: 1x initial consultation, 6x follow up consultations at 4 wkly intervals with regular coaching phone calls and food diary analysis in-between to keep you on track and inspired. You will also receive a welcome gift and a recipe book handpicked to support you and your personal health goals.


*All therapy plans are developed individually and thus the actual contents of each plan will differ according to the specific circumstances and requirements of each client.
Nutritional Therapy is not a replacement for medical advice or any medication or investigation recommended to any or our clients by a health care professional. If you have any concerns relating to your health we always recommend you speak with your health care advisor first before undertaking a nutritional therapy consultation. Nutritional Therapy is a recognised complementary therapy but cannot by law claim to treat or cure any named condition.

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