Protein Rich Porridge Recipe

January 30, 2024

Like many people I do enjoy a warming bowl of porridge for breakfast. Oats can cause blood sugar spikes so to reduce this I recommend adding lots of protein rich foods and other goodies. Here is my suggested mix but you can play with this to suit your taste buds and what's in your cupboards.

*3 large spoons of oats

*1 large spoon of quinoa flakes

*1 large spoon of chia seeds

*1 large spoon of shelled hemp seeds

*2 large spoons of ground flax seeds

*A cup of milk of choice (I alternate my milks depending on what’s in my fridge but generally I choose cashew milk)

*A big dollop of tahini and cashew nut butter

*A sprinkle of cacao nibs and Cinnamon

*A generous handful of frozen berries and some chopped banana.

*Topped with walnuts

Wow! What a powerhouse to fuel your day. Rich in protein, healthy fats, calcium and antioxidants. AND setting you up nicely to meet your 30+ plants in a week challenge for your gut bugs 🤩

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