Vitamin D

January 29, 2024

Vitamin D is often called ‘the sunshine vitamin’ as during the summer months we create vitamin D from sunlight on our skin. At this time of year when there is little daylight in the UK vitamin D levels can be low as stores will deplete from around September.

We have vitamin D receptors on every cell in the body and it is an important nutrient for bone health, immunity, energy, mood, brain function, gut health and regulation of calcium levels. Supplementing vitamin D is therefore essential through the winter and the recommended daily amount (RDA) for adults is 400iu (10mcg). But is this enough?

As always the answer is complex and individual for everyone. Ability to absorb vitamin D can vary from person to person and some people due to genetics will just need more. I’m a keen advocate of knowing your vitamin D status as it’s such an important nutrient. Vitamin D levels need to sit at a ‘sweet spot’ - too low or too high can be potentially problematic.

For optimal health I like to see Vitamin D up close to 125nmol/L but current NHS ranges suggest anything over 50nmol/L is ok. Don’t get me started…When working with me I always recommend testing levels and choosing a supplement dose that’s right for you. Monitoring your levels over a 12 month period can give you a clearer picture of how YOU absorb and store your vitamin D from sunlight and supplements. This knowledge will help you make confident decisions on how you supplement Vitamin D for your unique biology.

If your still confused and would like support do get in touch 💜

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