Urinary Microbiome Test

February 20, 2023

As a Nutritional Therapist I use many functional tests in my clinic and I am super excited to now be able to offer my patients a brilliant new Urinary Microbiome panel from Invivo.


Chronic urinary tract disorders are highly common in females and disruption of the urinary microbiome can be a huge factor. Accurate analysis of the balance of microbes in the urinary space, both key commensal bacteria and potential pathogens, can provide valuable insights. These insights can really help shape the development of clinical plans and diet and supplement interventions to restore balance. Urinary microbiome testing may be helpful for many disorders including – acute and recurrent urinary tract infections and interstitial cystitis.


I am already using this test in my clinic and finding the results fascinating.  Conventional testing methods don’t always provide answers in urinary health leaving women in pain and discomfort. Whilst this test brings no guarantees for resolution it does tell us so much that can help. The great thing is how simple the test is too which means it is suitable for use with younger children as well as adults.


If you struggle with a urinary tract disorder and have not yet found a treatment plan that works then do consider this. The test costs£149 and would need to be bought as part of a package of Nutritional Therapy Care - contact me for further info.


Our understanding of the urinary space and the microbes at play is growing fast and many practitioners, including myself, have been doing intensive learning through Invivo and the brilliant Moira Bradfield at Intimate Ecology.


Please don’t suffer in silence or put up with a lack of answers. As a profession we are here, our knowledge is growing and we have so much to offer to help.

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