Feel Better... Live More

October 30, 2018

I have been devouring Dr Chatterjee’s library of podcasts this week #feelbetterlivemore and love his diversity of guests from medical and integrative health care talking about their research and experience at the coal face. Dr Chatterjee always asks his guests for their 4 tips for a healthy, happy life and this has made me lament on what mine might be.

It is complex. As a nutritional therapist I understand that each person is unique and there is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach to nutrition, but are there a set of guiding principles? Well for me these might change daily depending on what that particular day has taught me and the people I have seen. BUT if I was on Dr Chatterjee’s podcast and put on the spot I know these would be high on my list…

  • Eat more fruit and veg. Research now suggests we need as much as 8-10 portions a day. Make your choices colourful and think rainbow to benefit from all the wonderful anti-oxidants, phytonutrients and plant goodness.
  • Eat within a time restricted window. Research has shown how powerful it can be for your health to allow your body at least a 12 hour fast a day. Whilst fasting can be hard to implement I love the simplicity of just adjusting the hours you consume your calories in and having a long fast during the evening and whilst you sleep. Much more achievable and easier to implement. The science and data into the health benefits, particularly around reducing metabolic disease is just jaw dropping.
  • Prioritise food. Buy the best quality food you can afford and where possible cook from raw, natural ingredients. The more processed food we can eliminate from our daily practice the healthier we will feel.
  • Reinstate family meals. The simple act of eating together with friends and family has powerful health benefits. Share your day’s trials and tribulations and celebrate food and each other.

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