Everything Menopause Course

February 21, 2021

Are you going through the menopause or the peri-menopause?

The amazing Vicki Hill has created a new 8week course for women in Bristol who want to be educated about this all important change in their lives -  mentally, physically and hormonally.

The course will be an education about what is happening to their bodies and how they can manage the changes.

Each week will have a number of menopause specialists cover the following topics:

  • Symptoms
  • HRT – all about it and what they all mean as well as whether they are or aren’t right for you
  • Pelvic health
  • Self-care and mental health
  • Nutrition
  • Stress
  • Exercise – focusing on strength, cardio and movement to help the changing body.

This course is aimed at ALL Women – whether they have experienced premature menopause (before the age of 40), have had a hysterectomy,  in their 40’s and are noticing a bit of a change and those who may be post menopause and know they need to do more to help stay healthy.

Jules Hellens is a woman's Wellbeing Life Coach  who will be running a session focusing on health, happiness and the menopause journey.

Jules helps women who feel stuck mentally, emotionally and physically create positive long-lasting changes so they can live and embrace a healthier and happier life. You can read more about Jules on her website www.wellbeinglife.co.uk

I will be sharing my knowledge in week 5 on the role of nutrition and will be looking at:

  • How important nutrition is during the menopause transition
  • The importance of gut health and how to optimise it
  • How to reduce unwelcome symptoms during peri menopause and support long-term health

You can book your place here - www.vickihill.co.uk/class/everything-menopause-fitness/

Anita Beardsley is a qualified Nutritional Therapist using a functional medicine approach to support women's health. Anita offers 1:1 nutrition support online or at her Bristol clinic.

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